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Using Your Self Timer to Get In Front of the Lens

April 12, 2012

I’ve got lots of great photos of my children but not a lot of photos of me with my children.  This morning I decided to do something that I have never done before, use my self timer.  My mission was to get some great photos of my daughter and I.  I really  wanted to get some photos that captured emotion and the love that I have for my kids.  Sure, using the self timer is set up but the idea was to recreate everyday moments/ expressions. I intentionally set up the camera to be focussed on me, my expressions and emotions.  I admit that I was a little uncomforatble to do this as it was totally not in my comfort zone.   However, once we got going I actually enjoyed it and found that I was probably more myself than if I had a photographer come and take the photos.  It was just me and my kids (hubby was at work), just like it is pretty much every morning.  That part felt natural and easy, I liked that.

I purchased a tripod back in December and hadn’t got around to using it yet (the purpose was to use the self timer).  So I set my camera settings, moved the couch and let the camera work its magic.  We spent about 25 minutes trying to get some half decent photos.  I found that the most difficult part of using the self timer was getting the camera to focus correctly.  So many of my attempts were out of focus and in others we weren’t positioned correctly.  Overall, I was pretty happy with the outcome of the experience and will definitely do it again sometime soon.  If you don’t have a tripod you could easily prop your camera on a shelf or somewhere sturdy.  Use books to get it to just the right height.  It will be a little more tricky than if you had a tripod, especially since you won’t be able to tilt the camera up or down.  I would suggest giving it a try regardless.

My eldest was curious about what I was doing with the camera and our baby and had to get in on the action.    At one point I tried getting all three kids and myself in a shot, that didn’t turn out too well.  The kids loved seeing the blinking light on the camera, getting into position, waiting for the click and then running  back to the camera to see how the photo turned out.

The expressions on the kids aren’t great on the above photo, but that’s ok. The goal was to all get in the photo together.

I thought I should try a self-portrait while I was at it.  I felt pretty silly but actually kind of like this one.

Playing.  I love playing with our little one like this.  Her smiles are contagious and her giggles get me every time.  She has actually thrown up on me before while playing in this way, so gross.  But I continue to toss her up and play, they’re some of my favourite moments with her.

Canon 50D, 50mm lens: ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/250.

Below is a pull back of where I took my photos.  I turned the couch around to face the window (got to try to get those catchlights).

Now it’s your turn!! It’s time to figure out your self timer (I had to pull out  my manual, no judging) and get in front of the camera.  Feel free to post your best shot on our facebook page.


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