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Bonus Challenge: Summer Food

July 14, 2012

One of this months photo challenges is Summer Food! Let this photo bonus inspire you to remember to take photos of your children eating summer treats! Photos should show at least a part of your child and not just be a photo of  food.  We encourage you to participate in the photo bonuses by taking a photo related to the theme and e-mailing it to

What things come to mind when you think of summer food?  Hot dogs, smores, watermelon, corn on the cob, ice cream, popsicles, freezies, berries, etc.  This challenge doesn’t require much additional planning, just make sure you have your camera handy before you serve dinner or hand out some tasty treats.

Tips/ Tricks: Pay attention to the background in your photo.  A cute photo of your child eating corn on the cob in the house can often instantly become a better photo if taken outside without a distracting background. (if inside, just try to make sure there is a plain background behind your child).  Try using a wider aperture to get that pretty blurred background.  Try putting your focus point on the food for a different perspective.  Since we’re all about manual these days, I would also suggest setting your camera’s exposure before you give your child the food item, that way you’re ready to get that great shot.

Please e-mail your “summer food” photo anytime between now and Thursday, August 2nd.  Anna will watermark them and post them on the facebook page in a “Summer Food” album.  Have fun!  Looking forward to seeing lots of tasty treat photos!  Even if you don’t attend our Fraser Valley MWAC club, we encourage you to follow along with our challenges.


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