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Bonus Challenge: Summer Fun

July 17, 2012

With all of the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, we hope you’ve had the chance to document your child(ren) participating in fun summer activities!  One of this month’s bonus photo challenges is “Summer Fun” and the topic is really is wide-open!  Get into the habit of taking your camera with you when you go on outings this summer, put into practice some of the tips you’ve learned, and capture those memories!  We encouarge you to use manual mode as you take your photos, as you will have more control.

Are you going to the pool on a bright, sunny day?  Well, you’ll want a low ISO number because there is a lot of available light, so before you head out, get your camera set at an ISO like 100 or 200.  Are you going to be wanting to freeze the action of your kids splashing around in the water?  Set your shutter speed at a fast shutter speed like 1/500.  (If you had a slow shutter speeed like 1/60, your child would be very blurry!)  Now that you have those two settings ready to go, pack up your camera and head out for your time at the pool. When you are ready to take photos, you already have two of the three settings ready to go, and all that’s left to do is adjust your aperture so that your meter is showing a good exposure.  Take a few test snaps, check your histogram and LCD screen, and if you are happy with the results, you’re ready to snap away in manual mode unless the light changes!  If you need to adjust any of the three settings,  you can do that, but at least you were prepared with an approximation of what you wanted your settings to be like ahead of time!

Please e-mail your “summer fun” photo anytime between now and Thursday, August 2nd.  Anna will watermark them and post them on the facebook page in a “Summer Fun” album.  Have fun!  Looking forward to seeing a big variety of summer fun photos!  Even if you don’t attend our Fraser Valley MWAC club, we encourage you to follow along with our challenges.


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