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Lightroom 101: October 13

September 25, 2012

We’re excited to be presenting a workshop all about Lightroom on October 13, 2012 at MEI Secondary School in Abbotsford.  A big thank you to Rick Having, who will be teaching the workshop.

This will be a full day workshop, from 9am-4:30pm (bring your own lunch).  The cost for non MWAC members is just $50 (includes remaining 2012 membership).  There are a total of 28 seats available in the workshop.  Each participant will have their own computer work station for hands on learning. Once your payment is in you will be considered registered.  No payment = not registered. Payment can be given in person to Shari Saysomsack or mailed to 16162 Springside Ct, Surrey, BC, V4N 1S2 (paypal may also be an option).  This is an incredible deal for a full day workshop, let alone one in a computer lab.  Whether you’re just starting out with photography or more experienced, this is a wonderful opportunity!  A course such as this would have been so valuable when I was just starting out, it’s so much better to learn how to do something right the first time.  Therefore, if you’re trying to decide if you should come to this, we whole heartedly would say, “come!”  We are not planning on doing something similar in the future, therefore please don’t wait until next time since there may not be a next time.  This workshop is for everyone!

Wondering what Lightroom actually is?  Check out this short video clip to get a better idea,  Lightroom is very user friendly, quite affordable and perfect for the hobbyist photographer.  We will be referring to editing in lightroom throughout the 2013 year. Lightroom will help you take your images from ordinary to extraordinary.
Below you can read a little more about what will be covered in Lightroom
Lightroom 101 :Presented by Rick Havinga and Moms with a Camera

Differences between LR and PS, what are the strengths in both.

Structure and Flow of Lightroom. 

Importing a photos into LR and settings paths and tags.

Understanding RAW format.

Working through the Library Module of LR.

Understanding all the options in the Development Module of LR.

         Using Presets (and how to make your own)

         Manual Editing of photos

         Rick’s basic 5 edits to an average photo.

         Cleaning up facial features with the Brush Tool

         Using the Sync tool in Batch processing.

         Exporting photos

         Working beyond LR with Photoshop

Understanding the Print Module in LR.

Understanding the Web Module in LR.
***We will have several amazing giveaways at the workshop as well!
 Sarah from My4Hens Photography has donated a set of presets for Lightroom (value of $40).  See the attached images to show what the straight out of the camera photo looks like and how it can be edited with a preset from My4Hens.  My4Hens is a very well known photographer in the USA, check her out here, or her fb page here,!/MyFourHens
Jessica from One Willow has also donated a set of presets (value of $45) as a giveaway.  One Willow is also a very well known company for presets and actions used by professional photographers. Check her out here, or her facebook page here!/OneWillowPresets
Pretty Presets is also giving away a $50 gift certificate for any preset collection.  Pretty Presets also has a wonderful blog with lots of great resources, be sure to check out their site!
For more information about the workshop please email Shari at or call at 604-583-6126
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