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Creating Collages in Lightroom

October 24, 2012

Taking your camera on everyday outings is a great way to capture ordinary moments that wouldn’t ordinarily be captured.  Try to have an idea ahead of time of the thing that you want to photography. What are the things that make a certain trip unique or special to your family?  Capture those moments.  If possible, try to have another adult with you, giving you the freedom to photography without having to worry about safety, etc.

Photography Tips: Try shooting from different angles (high, low, etc), get shots that focus on the big picture (narrow aperture) as well as ones that just capture your child (wide aperture to blur background).  Shoot the details, get photos of the items that your child likes to look at, etc (photos that are nothing special on their own but are a part of your story).  Try capturing the whole event (from leaving the house to coming home). *Many stores don’t allow photos to be taken inside the store, feel free to ask a manager ahead of time for permission or just go for it and see if anyone stops you.

Wondering what to do with your photos?  You can easily make a collage of your images right in Lightroom.  This can be done in the Print module (find the tab on the top right of Lightroom).  You can use a collage right in Lightroom,  import additional collage templates here, or create your own.  Each collage just takes about 30 seconds to put together when using a template, amazing!  So much easier and faster than bringing your images into photoshop.  The above pics are by Carla and below images are by Kim.

Grocery stores are great places to practice manual exposure since the light doesn’t change much (can vary depending on the store.  This is my family shopping at Superstore (& Hope Depot at top).

Bonus Challenge:

Capture your children/ family out in public (similar to the above examples).  Pick a location and have fun with your DSLR.  Put a set of your images into a collage and email your “Story” to Anna at

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