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Indoor Image: Photo Challenge

March 17, 2013

For the past months we have been talking about how to take better photos indoors.  We have discussed attributes of a strong black and white image, directions of light, manipulating light, subject placement, etc.  For this challenge/ critique MWAC members should submit a photo that they took sometime during the “Playing with Light” series.  Our first image critique is April 9th therefore please email your image to by Sunday April 7th.  Please also bring a printed  5 by 7 of your challenge photo in a frame to our meeting on the 9th.

An image critique is a great experience to see photos in a new way and essential for growth.  They should never make the photographer feel down or disappointed about their image, but rather encouraged and hopeful about how their image could be improved.

Below is an idea of possible critique comments that could be made about a photo.


+Great expression on Calvin’s face; very sweet.  I love how you can see the tiny hairs on his shoulders due to the back lighting.

+Lovely use of light, like how Calvin is silhouetted in the hard light on the carpet.  The hard light on the carpet also acts as a wonderful natural reflector!

-Would like the blind cord and outlet cloned out in post processing since they are distractions and don’t add to the overall story/ feeling of the image

– It would be great if the image was adjusted slightly so that the base board/ horizon line was straightened out.  It would also be ideal if the image was shot from a little lower down so that the base board wasn’t running through his head.

-The image looks slightly blown out on Calvin’s hair.  Since Calvin’s face is exposed correctly, I would suggest “recovering” the blown highlights in post processing.

-One idea for composition would be to have stepped back a little to be able to put Calvin more in the left third of the frame.  It would have been great o see more of the light beam on the floor as well.

+ I love the innocence of this image and the way that the little boy was so naturally captured.

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