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Q- Where can I find a copy of the 2014 MWAC schedule of events?

Updated 2014 overview-Aug 23

A- The 2014 updated schedule is above.   We meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of most months.   Meeting themes and presenters are subject to change.   Meeting dates without a theme/series/presenter will be filled in as more members come forward to present!

Q- Who can join the Moms with a Camera Club?

A- Women of any age (19+) may join the club.


Q- Do I have to be a mother to join the club?

A- No, you do not need to be a mother.  The club started out with the focus of only taking photos of children, but we are branching out into other kinds of photography in Fall 2013.

Q-What kinds of photography are discussed/taught at the club?

A- For the 2012 and 2013 season, the majority of our sessions were about photographing our own children.  For the 2014 season, the topics will be varied, from maternity and newborn photography, to macro and landscape photography.  To see images that some of our coordinators have taken, please click on the “Our Photography” tab at the top of the page.


Q- I’m a professional photographer, can I join the club?

A- Yes, professional photographers may join the club, but please understand that because of the nature of the club, members are at all levels of learning.  If you are a professional photographer, you would likely not learn very much from the sessions, as the topics are beginning to intermediate in level.  The sessions are presented by other members of the club, and are about topics chosen by the presenter.


Q- Do I need a DSLR to join the club?

A- No,  you don’t need a DSLR to join the club.  However, you will get more out of the club if you have a DSLR camera.  Many of the topics/challenges we will be doing  will be difficult to do with a point and shoot camera.  Ideally, members will have a DSLR and a 50 mm 1.8 lens.


Q- What should I bring to meetings?

A- Pen, Binder/Notebook, Camera, Camera instruction manual, and a beverage for you to enjoy during the meeting!  While we won’t always be actively using our cameras during sessions, it’s helpful to have it on-hand, in case you would like to experiment with it, especially if we are discussing particular camera functions.


Q- What does a Moms with a Camera meeting look like?

A- We meet from 7:00-9:00pm.  We meet upstairs at Thrifty Foods in their Community room.  We sit in chairs at tables, and have a projector to show photo examples.

We generally start off with some housekeeping (upcoming events, discussions about ideas/planning, etc.).  Then we’ll move into a spotlight on a different club member.  Club members will have an opportunity to show a slideshow or a single image or talk about anything of their choosing.  This will allow club members to get to know each other, as will as be an inspiration to each other.

Then we move into our workshop/tutorial section.  Depending on the week it might be inspirational, technical, artistic, or practical in nature.

When a photo “challenge” is due, we may have a brief “critique” session, or we may simply critique as a group using our members-only critique page.


Q- What does a “Critique” session look like?

A- Our Critique sessions are very basic.  We spend approximately one minute per photo, discussing what worked well, and one thing that could be improved.  We are very courteous and sensitive, yet knowing that without constructive criticism, your photography growth won’t happen as quickly.


Q- Are Photo Challenges contests?  Are there prizes?

A- No, all photo assignments are for our learning only.  There are no contests or prizes related to photo submissions.


Q- What does it cost to join?  Why does it cost money?  What do I get for my money?

A- It costs $50 for a year-long membership in the club for the 2014 season.  It costs money to run club operations (equipment such as a projector, printed teaching materials, learning resources, workshop training for club member-presenters, etc.)  Please know that elsewhere, a single photography workshop can cost anywhere from $40-$200.   Many of our guest professional photographers offer workshops elsewhere for a fee.  They are volunteering their time when they speak at our club.   The $50 membership fee covers 15-20 sessions per year, which works out to approximately $3.00 per session.


Q- I’ve missed some sessions, can I pay less to join?

A- No, the $50 is a one-time fee per calendar year, regardless of when you join.  The fee is non-refundable.


Q- Can I pay a drop-in fee to attend when I choose?

A- No, because this is a club, there is no option to pay a drop-in fee.  However, your first visit is free, and the membership fee of $50 is due on your second visit. You are under no obligation to attend every single session.  Come when it works for you.

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