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The Moms with a Camera Club in the Fraser Valley is a wonderful resource to help moms learn how to take photos of their own children. The club is geared toward beginners and amateur/hobby photographers. We are fortunate to welcome  professional photographers as guest speakers at our meetings from time to time.   At the other meetings, tutorials will be led by members in the group. In order to promote your own growth in between sessions, it is helpful to foster your own learning by practicing a lot, reading your instruction manual, reading the blog, reading other tutorials, and watching online workshops as you find the time.

As we’ve been learning, we’ve come across some wonderful resources, and we would like to share them here.

Clickinmoms:  CM is a subscription-based photography forum for professional and hobby photographers. You do not need to be a mother to join.

Youtube is an amazing resource.  One particular channel that is full of amazing tutorials is “Fro Knows Photo”.  For example, his depth of field video, his  aperture video, his shutter speed video, his ISO video, his manual video, etc.

Understanding Exposure is a great book to help you further your understanding of exposure.  It’s a bit technical, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you want something light and simple.  If you want to really dive into photography in a more serious way, it’s one of the go-to books available.

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