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Sonja Dyck (Club Coordinator)

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Sonja found a love for photography when she was in high school where she studied film photography .  She dabbled here and there in university.  After a while, photography became more of an act of documentation (point and shoot!) instead of a passion and an art.  Like so many other women, having children gave a whole new reason to become a better photographer.  Sonja began reading books, studying online, and learning how to take beautiful pictures by taking over the control of exposure and composition.  She learned manual exposure and in doing so, she fell in love with photography! Shortly after this point in time, Shari contacted her about the idea of starting up a photography club for women.  She thought it was a great idea, and they started up the club shortly after.  Sonja loves that the process of capturing memories for her family and friends is a creative outlet and also a way to preserve history in a way nothing else can!  The club has become a wonderful way to learn and connect with other women from many backgrounds and experiences, but who have a common love of family, children, and photography!

Sonja by Shari-edit-smallestMeet the rest of the MWAC Admin Team

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